Saturday, April 9, 2011

Upcoming Gigs

Here Comes the Fun
April 9: Vermont Vaudeville at the WGDR radio tower party at the Hardwick Town House
April 30: "The Jolly Banker" at the Plainfield Community Center Gallery 7:00. This is an opening event for the latest exhibit of Disposable Landscapes.
May 7: Vermont Vaudeville presents "Electricity" our annual spring show at the Hardwick Town House.
May 21st: Vermont Vaudeville presents Micheal Troutman, the ping pong ball guy.
June 4th: At the Museum of Everyday Life, Glover, VT
June 5th: Bread and Puppet Museum Opening, Glover, VT
June 18th: "Punch and Judy" at the Montpelier Farmer's Market, 60 State Street Montpelier, Vt. 12 noon
June 25th: "Punch and Judy" at the Grange Mixer in Essex, NY. 8:30pm
July 21st: The Plank House Band at Claire's Restaurant, Hardwick, VT
July 23rd: The Plank House Band at the new Barton Farmer's Market. 10am
July 28th: The Plank House Band at Parker Pie, West Glover, VT
July 29th: "The Jolly Banker" at Radio Bean, Burlington, VT. 10pm
July 31st: "The Jolly Banker" at Bread and Puppet, Glover, Vt. 5:30pm
August 25th: "The Jolly Banker" at Fable Farm, Barnard, VT
September 25th: The Sustainable Living Fair, Canton, NY
October 15: Vermont Vaudeville, Hardwick, VT


  1. Hello! I recently attended your performance at the Essex Grange Mixer. I absolutely love it, so much so that I bought some cheap art and one of your cds. Much to my dismay, upon attempting to play the cd, I discovered that it is blank! Would it be possible for me to mail you back the blank cd and for you to send me a cd with music on it? My husband and I were very sad to think that we might not get to hear you again! You can reach me at mawyle (at) gmail (dot) com.

  2. Yes! We want your cardboard! Got a wall here in plainfield at the cafe in the village! This month needs some art on three walls (3 clusters worth). Call Janice 454-1117 or 454-7200. or